The police have informed us that their investigation into who supplied the drugs present on scene the night Jillian died is mostly complete. They have arrested three individuals at three levels of distribution, none of whom were present, and all have been released on bail pending the toxicology reports. Their names will be released in a police media statement at a later date.


THERE ARE NO CHARGES PENDING AGAINST THE INDIVIDUALS WHO STOOD BY AND CONSPIRED TO PREVENT 911 EMERGENCY SERVICES FROM BEING CALLED TO HELP JILLIAN. Unfortunately there are no laws in place at this time to charge them with a crime. Does that make you mad? It makes us mad. Mad as HELL! We are even more determined to get this law changed, in Jillian's name. Want to help? SHARE!! Call your local and state legislators and demand they address this issue. Point them to our website. We will NOT let Jillian's death be in vain. We have disrupted the drug distribution channel, but that won't last and we need long term change to insure people who stand by out of self-preservation are made to pay. It should be illegal NOT to call 911 when you are a party to someone in medical distress. You are protected from prosecution!




LOCAL LEGISLATORS (Information subject to change)


CA State Assembly - https://www.assembly.ca.gov/assemblymembers


CA State Senate - https://www.senate.ca.gov/senators