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This is Jillian Murphy.  She is probably three years old in this picture.  She was the only child of Leslie and Robb Murphy.  In the early morning hours of October 11th 2020, her mom Leslie got a call that every parent dreads; Jillian had been rushed to the hospital in critical condition.  Leslie rushed to the hospital where she was informed that Jillian had stopped breathing and was admitted in full cardiac arrest.  Leslie then called Jillian's dad, Robb.

Jillian's dad rushed to the hospital where he was greeted by her mom and informed that Jillian was in a medically-induced coma, and had been without oxygen for over 45 minutes.  She was at a party with her boyfriend and had ingested alcohol and other substances, and her friends discovered she had stopped breathing.  Because the parents of the house weren't home, the boyfriend and his friends panicked and did not call 911 because they were afraid the ambulance showing up at the house would cause the neighbors to tell the parents something had happened, and they would get in trouble.

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The doctors advised Leslie and Robb that Jillian was unlikely to wake up and if she did, she would be incapable of speech or movement.  The best they could do would be to make her comfortable and let her pass.  Four days later, on October 14th 2020, Jillian was declared brain dead.  At that point her parents decided to say goodbye, and made arrangements to donate her organs.

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Jillian's ICU doctor and her neurosurgeon both told her parents that if the "friends" she was with had called 911 when they first discovered her not breathing, Jillian would have been awake and with us.  As of today, the people she was with do not face criminal charges for their act of self-preservation, as there are no specific laws that hold parties, who are present in situations of medical duress, criminally responsible to call 911.  The JJEM Foundation was formed by Jillian's parents to advocate for legislative change that makes it criminal in all 50 states to not attempt to call 911 in the event of a medical emergency.  "Jillian's Law" will enhance current Good Samaritan laws that offer protection from prosecution, and make it illegal to just stand by.


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